Bible Covers and Your Leather Bible

We love to dress up or protect those things that are dear to us like iPhones, dogs, cats, golf clubs, even ourselves! So it just makes sense we would want to cover up our leather bibles to protect them and keep them looking stylish.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re looking for that special cover for your bible.  Picking a cover that fits your style may mean you need to take care of your bible differently. For instance, if you chose to use a cloth or fabric cover that is more breathable, keeping your bible covered up for extended periods of time is fine.  But if you live in a humid or rainy climate, it may affect the leather cover and the pages adversely.  You may prefer to go with a leather cover. With a leather cover, it’s good to let it breath from time to time.  Taking it out of the cover will extend the life of the bible by giving it time to breathe.

One thing is for sure – you need to pick a cover that fits loosely on your bible.  The majority of people try to stuff everything church or bible related into their bible if it’s in a cover. It becomes more like a purse than a bible cover.  The loose cover will help give you extra space to place church bulletins, study notes, etc. inside with the bible.  But the other reason to have a loose-fitting cover is to protect the spine of the bible. A cover that fits too tightly will put stress on the spine of the bible and cause it to break down faster over time. Plus, by putting undue stress on the cover, it causes the cover to break away from the actual pages of the bible. 

If chosen correctly, bible covers can enhance the lifespan and attractiveness of your leather bible. Choose wisely!  The Discount Bible Guys

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Changes at Discount Bible

Wow!  A lot of changes going on at Discount Bible Guys recently!  Kevin and I just made a huge career change by opening up a Factory Direct Mattress franchise store in Davenport, Iowa.  We also moved our DBG operations to the Mattress store.  So now we’re selling a good night’s rest on our fabulous mattresses as well as Bibles to be able to rest in His Word.  OK, horrible comparison, but you get the idea.  Also, Kirk just moved his family to Marion, IA.  I can’t advise moving your home and starting a new business at the exact same time.  Not a good idea!  The stress level in your life will go through the roof! 

Also, since it’s been a while since we’ve made any changes to our Discount Bible website, we’re busy updating our Bible inventory and trying to clearance out our Book and DVD product (only $5.97 each).  Check out these two categories for some FANTASTIC deals!  In January, the face of our website will be changing to give it a fresh new look.  We’re also going to add a few new bible offerings such as the ESV and NASB Inductive Study Bibles and the NIV MacArthur Study Bible.  AND . . . if you’re looking for some great hard-to-find Contemporary Christian CDs, we just lowered all of our single CD prices to $4.99 and double CDs to $6.99. 

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Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – so “Happy Thanksgiving” to all!  And right after that is another major holiday – Cyber Monday!  This year all USPS Media Mail shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is FREE on Monday, December 2 to anyone who spends more than $25.00 at Discount Bible  (Shipping charges will be manually deducted from your total after the transaction is completed)  The Lord bless you this Christmas season!

Kirk and Kevin, the Discount Bible Guys

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Spanish Bibles Now at Discount Bible Guys

NEW!  We’ve just added Spanish bibles to our website!  We can now help to meet the needs of the Spanish market with the Word of God.  These bibles are also great to take on missions trips and for those learning Spanish as a second language. Be sure to visit our website page below to see these new listings


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Gifts for First Communion and Confirmation Celebrations

Gifts for the

First Communion and Confirmation Celebrations

In Your Life


Do you scratch your head as to what to get those who are having a First Communion or Confirmation party?  It can be a challenge trying to decide what to get them for a gift.

We at Discount Bible Guys suggest a fine leather bible to carry them throughout their young adult life and into college.  We believe bibles can be a life-changing gift.

Let’s take a look at all the gift options out there. First, you’ll need to decide if you’re giving a keepsake-type gift (like a gift item that says “Confirmation” or “First Communion”) or if you are looking for an item to enrich the spiritual growth of the person getting the gift.   Either of these approaches works fine with a little forethought.

Memento:  Anything that is a reminder of the special day and the accomplishment that has been reached.  Items like statues or picture frames have, in the past, been the typical choice in this area. Let’s move past them and look at the other options such as: 1. Jewelry – there are plenty of different types of crosses (traditional and modern) that would be great for a First Communion.  A necklace with a dove would be perfect for a Confirmation Gift.  2.  Pictures/ plaques – there are countless types of pictures available that have wonderful Scripture verses on them to enrich one’s life.  They are daily reminders of God’s Wisdom as well.  3. Tee shirts can also strike the heart of any teen these days and there are many designs to choose from that share their faith and more!

Spiritual growth items:  The Bible is the best place to start. There are many styles and types to choose from.  The traditional standard type of leather bible can be bought in many translations so it’s a matter of choice which translation to pick.  Would you rather have a translation that you’ve been studying for a while or would you rather have a different translation that can give you a fresh look at the Scriptures?  Let’s look at other possibilities as well.  Devotional bibles give the person a daily opportunity to follow along with a reading plan that carries them through the Bible in a year.  Student bibles and Teen Study bibles give them more information to grow deeper in understanding what the bible has to say to them personally.  Keep in mind as you pick out a Bible for them, that it’s for them and not for you. It might sound silly, but it’s true. Think “teenager”. Even if they are still in grade school, most students are much smarter and advanced than we were at that age.   Also, consider purchasing a Bible handbook, a Bible dictionary, or a Bible Concordance to enhance their bible study experience.

Whatever gift you choose, we ask you to consider that these celebrations are to remember that the young person growing closer to the Lord and helping them with a gift can be an incredible blessing!

While we do not yet carry all of the items we have mentioned in this article, we hope this short list helps you to find just the right gift for your First Communion or Confirmation celebration!

Blessings from the Discount Bible Guys where you can find leather bibles at affordable prices.

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NIV Cambridge Pitt Minion Bible

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This is a great carry-a-long bible for the on-the-go person who wants to have the bible in-hand and not have it wear out the hand that holds it! Cambridge is the oldest Bible publisher and when it comes to quality, they are the … Continue reading

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Changes made to our website

It was an exciting year for us at Discount Bible Guys. We added over 300 titles to our website. Many exciting Bibles with great new features you’ll be sure to want to check out! We gave a you a Twitter link to join us and a sign up link to get our email specials! And now we are adding WordPress blog site to our homepage on our website coming Very soon!!)

As we put new bibles on our site we’d love to hear from you as to what you are looking for in a Christian website like your thoughts and opinions matter to us so speak freely!

Last but not least tell us about how you found us we’d love to know!

Blessings to all! The crew at Discount Bible Guys!

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